Republican Clowns took the stage during the GOP presidential primary; we reveled in the hilarity and asked: “Are they for real?” Now reality causes a sadness and more humorous reveling. Where are “moderate Mitt’s” binders of women to fill positions in Congressional committees.  Well, it is 2012, we should give them time, after all they are privileged. There aren’t women to choose from in the goofball old party.  Hopefully, some century, they will understand that we, (women) are the oppressed majority in this country. It’s time to start a true,  thoughtful and inclusive Equal Rights Amendment. This would secure Roe vs. Wade. In this country women would finally be in charge of their reproductive rights without a man deciding how  a legitimate rape is defined.  This would be more inclusive, I am just suggesting a starting place.  Let me know what you think.


President Obama stop killing young persons who do not need to die!  Get us out of Afghanistan now.  What is the wait? 

If we go off the fiscal cliff I will not be able to pay my taxes for the 1st time in 41 years.  Do you think this makes me feel good?  I am happy to pay taxes to support what the citizens need, but I am not happy to support greedy, old white guys from the United States Senate.


Cloud Atlas is one of the best films I’ve seen in years.  I’m sorry to see that it is already leaving the theaters.  Makes me think that the public doesn’t  enjoy the act of thinking and concentration.  Or, maybe they don’t like the message that we are the sum of our actions, our crimes.  I would imagine that some of the United States Senate would really dislike that message as they greedily horde their millions.  Hum, maybe there are a few Representatives who would not like it either.

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